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Yet another.
January 31, 2009, 8:30 am
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Another Friday in the books. Woohoo! Last night I actually had the opportunity to see a good friend of mine, Seppe. Have not seen him in weeks, probably closer to a month. Anywho, he now lives downtown in aquavista. GREAT place. This is definitely what i want to be doing in a few years after I have lived in my renovated spot for a little. I have to move downtown, the view he has, the location. Doesn’t get any better. Went over to anthology for a little meet and greet mixer his building was actually having, so we met up with a few other friends and it turned out pretty dope. If you have not been there, GO. That place is really nice, but I have heard it is not too friendly on the pockets.

So work was whatever, actually went by pretty damn fast today. I love my coworkers. They are seriously the coolest girls I know. I went for lunch to the kabobb shop. Again if you have not been, GO. Yet shit was freaggin packed dood. I waited 40 minutes for my food. Well worth it though.

After work I cruised over to get a haircut because my line is dusty son! haha. Freshhh. Went and seen zac since I have not seen this fool in weeks. Checked out El Camino in South Park for dinner with him and his pops. Again, if you have not been, GO. This is getting repetitive haha. Last but not least, zac and I met up at mission valley mall with los to watch “Taken”. For the final time, if you have not seen it, GO. Movie is sickkkk.

Well..weekend in temecula. Wash my baby and get her oil changed in the morning, cause she needs it. Then off to the breen mansion.


January 29, 2009, 6:57 am
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1. I hate how this layout cuts off my pictures, yet there is no other layout I actually like besides this one on this entire site.

2. It is truly a shame when people fall short of your expectations and almost make it seem as if you never knew them. Things come so close only to mean nothing in the end. Sucks.

3. Why do I sometimes think that going out is a negative thing on the weekdays, I think bad towards the thought of that, yet I think deep down I just wish I was that careless sometimes.

4. I hate how every time I am excited about something just as I was today, my dad sometimes has someway of ruining it for me.

5. I wish I could wake up easier in the morning, so that I could enjoy a cup of coffee and chill out before work, and not always be in a rush to fly out the door half naked with water and soap still drippin off me.

The End.

January 28, 2009, 6:41 am
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Here is the whip as she stands now. Few weeks ago me and b headed down to velo swooped some new parts and took a ride into downtown for lunch. Thanks for the new saddle b, love it. swooped some pedals, clips, new nitto stem, risors, and soyo grips. Mikey I need that crank now son!!

Whaaaaaaat do I do?
January 28, 2009, 6:26 am
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OK. I am pretty much in a dilemma. In actually a few weeks I will be turning 25. This is a big age, and to be totally honest I would like to celebrate it in a different way than some previous birthdays. The original plan was to take a trip with a certain someone, that plan went out the window months ago. It is understandable due to the climate of the economy but alot of my friends dont have money for a trip. Also I understand my birthday is the day after valentines day, so my other friends that are emotionally involved, obviously have plans for that day and cannot leave. So what to do? I have no clue. I am honestly just contemplating throwing my macbook, camera, a few books, and some clothes in a backpack and hopping on the amtrak to ANYWHERE. Roll out for a few days by myself….

January 28, 2009, 5:59 am
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Well. Remember how I said just a week ago I was looking into getting a imac? Well change of plans sort of. haha. I was doing some reading, and found out the new imacs are going to drop this year in the first half, so I did know I was looking into purchasing a new macbook as well as imac, so I could still be mobile when I needed. Decided to wait on the new imac, and purchase the new macbook for the meantime. Looooooove it.

Next up is, nothing major haha, just uploaded a handful of pics to flickr, so check them out!

Buy One.
January 26, 2009, 1:37 am
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Of course yet another piece of classic furniture. I am of course partial to the womb chair, the eames lounge etc. which of course I will own one day as well. I always did like the look of this particular classic, yet had only seen the non upholstered one. I had the chance to sit in the fully upholstered bertoia large at the knoll studio in solana beach. Woooowww. I will definitely be buying this chair in the future. If you want something comfy with a dope look, this is the chair for you.

Clear? uhhhhhhh.
January 26, 2009, 1:28 am
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Well, a few weeks ago, you could have said that I was actually content and understanding of my path in certain aspects of my life. Well I dont know where I took a wrong turn, but now I have put my self in a little pickle. I know a care about certain people, and I do know for a fact that I could have a future with them. Yet I dont know for sure, and we have falling outs. Next thing you know I am back talking to one person, not talking to another, and vise versa the next week…lol its horrible. I am officially confused.